Hello, East Lansing!


      After myriads of set-up meetings and word-spreading on Facebook and Twitter, Random Acts of Kindness on-campus campaign finally made its debut on Feb.26th at Dublin Square Irish Club in East Lansing, MI. And people who came to the event, proved through their kind actions that Love Never Failed.

      You must be curious about what good deeds they have been doing during that snowy Saturday afternoon. Well, before we dove into the details, I could assure you what they have done were absolutely sweet and warm enough to drive off the cold.

      Our kindness squad gave their very first surprising kindness to the people who parked their cars right outside the Irish Club.  And I firmly believed that when those owners came out, they must be wondering why the snow that used to cover their cars, was gone nowhere.  

     And the second strike took place at the East Lansing Public Library. Our kindness squad put one dollar into several Children’s books with attaching the “Pass It Forward” card to encourage those kids. Just imagine how much joy and how further impacts it could potentially bring to those little readers, when they opened their books and read the note ” Here’s a reward for reading! Keep it up!”

      After that, our kindness squad hit one of gas stations and surprised people with filling up their tanks for free. I swear the I am not kidding. It did happen. And now I guess you must be wishing you could be there on that day.

     But our highlight was the visit to Aureal T. Cross, who must be one of the most adorable 95-year-old man you would never meet. At the very first beginning, our squad asked him whether they could do anything to help him out. But he just invited our squad in and had a very nice conversation about his life and adventure. In fact compared to doing dishes or shoveling the walkway, it might be more valuable and helpful for just keeping him company and have a talk with him.   

      Actually there were other kind actions being performed at some point on that day. Just like Kristen Selasky, one of the organizers, said that no matter what, “lives were impacted” at that afternoon.

     Random Acts of Kindness is not only a campaign which is just for an afternoon. And it is also not a show but a life-long dedication that we advocate. We are hoping people, especially college students, could adopt this kind of lifestyle and act out kindness everyday in their lives.

Want to grasp a peek about what was going on on the Campaign? Please feel free to check out the video stream on YouTube, or the photo gallery on Flickr.


Let Kindness Touch Your Day

        Recently, I got a chance to hear a very encouraging story at a Pass It Forward event held by ePIFanyNow. It was a one about how a young lady was loved and how she loved back.

        The lady was an orphan when she was little. But fortunately, she ended up to be adopted by a very kind couple. So even though she was living without her biological parents, her foster ones didn’t fail to give her an environment that was full of love. And as time went by, she has grown up and begun to build up her own family.

        Last year on Christmas, she packed several toys and clothes that her daughter might not need any more and brought some food down to the shelter in Lansing. When she passed the clothing and toys to a little girl, the girl’s mother felt truly grateful and said wholeheartedly “ Thanks for giving my daughter a Christmas with a gift.”

         I still remember when the lady finished, there was no one at the scene not being touched by her story. But honestly speaking, such kind of affecting story might not be possible to happen to everybody everyday. And it’s important to be aware that not every kind action has to have such a dramatic and emotional ending. In fact, even though it is just as short as Hello, trust me, it can still bring endless echoes.  

        George Elliston once said  “How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.” So if you want to have great ones all year long, then take actions now and let kindness touch your day.

Be Inspired

        We’ve talked about how important the acts of kindness are and how tremendous differences we could make as long as we take the very first step. But why most of us are still staying at the same place? I firmly believe it’s not because we are unable to see the sense out of it; but because we are lack of some stronger power to walk us through. We need those greater minds to strengthen us and break down the armor of our selfishness.

         So next time when we want to complain about how packed schedule we have, please don’t forget that “ There are no unimportant jobs, no unimportant people, no unimportant acts of kindness. ” ( H. Jackson Brom Jr.)  

         Next time when we begin to calculate the gains and losses, please remind ourselves that we should “give to another human being without the expectation of a return” ( Bill Bradley), because “Goodness is unevenful. It does not flash. It glows.” ( David Grayson)

         Next time when we can not help in whining about how bad a day we’ve just been through, please remember to smile, not only to yourself, but also to the people around you, because  “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ” ( Phyllis Diller)

         And guess what, “ The best portion of a good man’s life is–his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.” ( Williams Wordsworth) “ Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, it can change someone else’s life forever.” ( Margaret Cho)

         The rays of wisdom from those sentences have shone in. So “ Be the change you want to see in the world. ” ( Mohands K. Gandhi) And from today,  “Send a smile and give a hug. All day long you will be loved!” ( Stephanie Geiger)  

Want to have more inspirational notes? Go and check Random Acts of Kindess Foundation website.

What Holds You Back

      Nowadays, the rapid tempo of modern life makes it impossible for us to slow down and pay attention to the people around us. We are always calculating the exact time we might need to “sacrifice” for doing good deeds; or haggling over every dollar we give out. However, have you ever had such kind of second thought, when you are hanging out with your friends on Friday nights or trying to buy your favourite shoes? I guess, the answer will be no.

      As a human being, it’s inevitable that we think of ourselves first instead of others. We just get used to put our personal interests above everything. And that’s the reason why, we will be perfectly happy to browse on Facebook for hours, but quickly get tired to write a nice note to someone. We can become extremely generous to the latest fashion, but turn out to be penny-pinching on buying an extra sandwich to someone who is hungry on the street.  And we always yearn for the love from families, friends and lovers, but most of the time, we forget to pay it back.

      When we are weighing up the gains and losses, we have lost the motivation to act out the kindness. Actually, we don’t have to be an actuary on everything in lives. It’s true that you might lose one or two hours to cook a nice meal for a friend; or you might need to stand longer in the cold wind for helping someone carry their groceries; or you might even need to give away food, clothing and money to the needy. But please try to sit back and take a look at what you could gain. It could be a closer friendship, an appreciated smile or a different life.

        Nothing can hold you back, but yourself. Forget about those gains and losses, because the happiness generated from kind actions is priceless.

Mr. Lovewell Everyday

       When we are talking about act of kindness, it is not only about donating a hospital or helping people pay off their mortgage. And we also don’t have to be like Ty Pennington to surprise people with those marvelous demos and incredible gifts. Sometimes, what we need to do might just as easy as opening a door for someone. As long as you are having the heart to be Mr. Lovewell everyday, it doesn’t matter how small, simple or insignificant your act is. According to ePIFanyNow.org, it’s just you and me helping someone else who then, hopefully, will do the same.  

       Here are some ideas about what you can do with No Money…….. 

  1. Forgive someone who might have wronged you in the past. Go out of your way to do them a favor.
  2. Exchange a smile with a stranger.
  3. Walk someone’s dog.
  4. Baby-sit for free.
  5. Cook a nice meal for a friend.
  6. Show off your city by driving people around and sharing great places to visit.
  7. Make a phone call to a friend and tell him or her you care.
  8. Write a nice note to someone and mail it.
  9. Open a door for someone.
  10. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  11. Send out some positive thoughts and prayers to others.
  12. Set someone up for success.
  13. Make a greeting card and give it to someone you love.
  14. Frame a meaningful photo and give it to a friend and family members.
  15. Write thank-you notes to hospital volunteers and deliver them to the hospital to be shared anonymously.
  16. Set a reminder and randomly e-mail your appreciation.
  17. Help an unemployed person compose a resume and set up a mock interview.
  18. Offer someone a ride in a safe setting.
  19. Donate blood.
  20. Shovel someone’s walkway.

        What have been listed above is only a small proportion of the random kindness you can perform in your daily life. In fact, being Mr. Lovewell should not be a fad but a lifestyle. What we “sacrifice” might just one more minute’s waiting, but what we can bring to people might be the doses of happiness in their lives.

        So what are you still waiting for?! Come to join us this Saturday and share your Random Act of Kindness story. Or you can also check out ePIFanyNow.org for more ideas about what you can do with no money, little money or a lot of money.

Pass it Forward at Michigan State




Time: 12pm-15pm, Feb. 26th, 2011

Place: Doublin Square Irish Club, East Lansing, MI

What’s Coming: It’s the time for you to do small things and make differences  in someone else’s life. Come with your friends on this Saturday. You don’t need to worry about if you have no idea how to do it, because we will provide plenty of options for you. But of couse, we also appreciate you think out of the box and do something creative. It will be an awesome experience not only for you but also for the people you help.

Facebook Event: Pass it Forward at Michigan State

Pass It Forward

       “Even one person doing good for someone else makes a difference. But when a lot of liked-minded people come together to DO SOMETHING for others, AMAZING things happen.”

                                       ———-From ePIFanyNow. org

       What’s your last time exchanging a smile with a stranger or writing a nice note to someone and mail it? Kindness is not only about monetary help but also small things in lives. You don’t need to be as wealthy as Warren Buffett, or doing great things as Mother Teresa. What you can do may just as easy as cooking a nice meal for a friend. 

        The Random Act of kindness Foundation is the heart of the kindness movement whose aim is to help everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions. It attaches great importance to inspire people to practise kindness and pass it others.  

       Inspired by this idea, the Hubbell Connections from PRSSA at Michigan State University (MSU) is about to launch an on-campus campaign to help college students arouse the awareness and begin to actually act kindness in their everyday lives. At the same time, since a local non-profit organization, called ePIFanyNOW embraces the same goal of “Pass it Forward” as well, so the campaign will also closely work with ePIFannyNOW during the entire implementation.  

      In fact, kind actions could always happen as simple as sending out some positive thoughts and prayers to others. So please don’t hesitate any more. Come and join our Random Act of Kindness campaign on Feb.26th, 2011 in East Lansing, MI.